You’ve got a PA – but what about a property PA?

When you’re a high net worth individual there’s no doubt that having a PA can be a life-saver. They support you in your business, and can be indispensable in helping your personal life run smoothly too.

From household staff recruitment to travel arrangements, gift-sourcing to dog walking, a personal assistant knows there’s no job too big or too small. But where their expertise sometimes falls short is property management.

A luxury property requires specialist knowledge, a bursting book of contacts and trustworthy contractors. A PA may not know who to turn to when asked to resolve an issue with your home. A Google search won’t churn out the specialists required at the best rates. And a company ranking high on Google isn’t necessarily great at providing their specialist services – they are more skilled in search engine optimization!

Trust and honesty

Working with trusted and regular contractors (plumbers, handymen, builders, electricians, gardeners, cleaners) is absolutely vital. There’s no worries over the price, getting a botched job, or not being able to trust them in your home.

When new contractors visit a luxury home, they hike their prices. Even worse, they create a problem which was not originally there in order to be appointed for its resolution.

So wouldn’t it be nice if you knew you had a property PA who represents you and ensures you don’t get ripped off and the work gets finished to a very high standard?

At the end of the day, clients need reassurance and peace of mind. We work with your PA to resolve any household issues.

To have a conversation with us, and find out how we can provide our expertise and work with your PA to solve your property needs, then why not email us at to find out more.

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