Residential Property Management

The UK is starting to tiptoe out of the restrictions that were put into place because of the pandemic. Restaurants, coffee shops and bars are happily welcoming customers into their outside areas and we can safely say that we are definitely welcoming the chance to have a drink with our friends again! Residential property management london

Landlords with their own residential property management company have been able to enjoy the knowledge of somebody being able to keep an eye on things whilst they have been away so now it is time to come back to double check their investments are being looked after in the right way. Residential property management london


The great news is that landlords, who were stuck in other countries and unable to get home, have finally been able to make plans to fly back to their London abodes and set foot in their own space again! Residential property management london

Not only have landlords been visiting their pied-à-terre, with the city opening up, the demand for rented accommodation is on the rise again and landlords have been getting things ready for the continuation of their extra income.


Depending on the location and size of the property, prime property can, on average, fetch monthly amounts between £700-£3500 per week, with super-prime property rents fetching over £5000 per week easily.

So, it is no doubt that we can see the image of those cartoon characters with dollar signs in their eyes! Residential property management london

The pandemic meant the average rental prices dropped by 11.4% in March, but that is less than the annual average fall in February, so the signs are all pointing to the fact that the market is stabilising slowly. Landlords will soon be seeing those rents increasing again with the demand. (KnightFrank) Residential property management london


When letting out your property, we as residential property managers know that there is always the worry of who you are renting to and how your London property will be looked after. The suggestion is to acquire the services of a management company that makes it clear they are working in your best interests. If the right company is found, it truly is possible to work in both your interests and your tenants without confliction, true residential property management.



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