Gore Property Management is a boutique firm that provides services to a wide range of London properties owned by discerning private clients. Additionally, our professional team has the expertise and know-how to bring luxurious services to compliment home management. Therefore, we offer a highly personalized service for all our clients’ property needs, including London’s finest homecoming preparation services.

Expert Homecoming Preparation

Our international customers treasure our high level of detail and the many customized approaches we offer. For clients such as these, who visit their London residences sporadically, GPM is on hand to prepare a home that welcomes them back with seamless comfort. For your consideration, both our silver and gold membership service packages include a wide array of homecoming services to greet you properly. Alternatively, with our bespoke approach, we can tailor a wide range of services to your unique tastes.

How We Welcome You Home

After your travels, part of an ideal homecoming shouldn’t involve coming home to a dusty, empty home. When you choose GPM to provide your homecoming services, our dedicated professionals will make sure that everything looks perfect and welcoming after your journeys. Prior to your arrival, we ensure everything is working, the fridge is stocked, property is cleaned and warmed up, fresh linen is on beds, flowers arranged if required; post-stay the house will be tidied, appliances checked and shut off if needed, then securely locked.

Lifestyle Services 

In addition to our homecoming services, you also get a wide variety of luxurious lifestyle services with silver and gold memberships – services that include restaurant & theatre booking, security services, at-home beauty treatments & hairdressing, chauffeuring and more.

How to Get Started

We wouldn’t want to come home to an unwelcoming residence after our vacation or other travels, and neither should you. For more information about our luxurious homecoming and lifestyle perks, contact us online or call us at +44(0) 7958 955742 to learn more. We’re interested in hearing what makes a welcoming house a home for you.

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