Garden Maintenance in London

“Gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh, how beautiful,’ and sitting in the shade.” Rudyard Kipling, English Journalist and Novelist

Your property in London is extraordinary, and maintaining your beautiful garden grounds is a key part to it staying that way. Instead of tackling the work yourself or entrusting it to a company that may hurt your lawn and property, why not leave the lawn aesthetics up to London’s premiere garden maintenance company, Gore Property Management? If you do, we’ll have your landscape looking green, lush and on par with those at Kensington Garden in no time.

Why Choose Gore Property Management?

Our attention to detail, reputation and high level of personalised service sets us apart from the rest. Also, we know your landscaping deserves the utmost care and attention and have the greenest thumbs in the industry. GPM enjoys providing our services, and we sincerely care about your lovely garden as much as you do. Whether you manage single or multiple properties, Gore Property Management has the expertise to keep your London garden looking fantastic year-round! 

Garden Maintenance London

Garden maintenance is about knowing how to design a garden and ensuring that it flourishes once the initial work is completed. In other words, the hard work that keeps your garden looking first-class. To meet this requirement, GPM furnishes a comprehensive garden maintenance routine that includes pruning, mowing, weeding, tidying up your dead headings and more.

What Our Gardeners Do

In addition to keeping your lawn in top notch condition, the gardeners at GPM are more than happy to lend a hand to any of your pet landscaping projects that need attention. From grafting, to monitoring the health of your entire greenscape, our gardeners can skilfully handle anything that’s in Mother Nature’s wheelhouse.  Also, be sure to tell us about a particular plant that needs special attention or to tend to the compost you have onsite.

A London Garden to be Proud Of

Once we set up your services, you can be reassured that we’ll start right away. After that, we’ll turn your garden into one you can be proud of in record time. Everything will be managed – down to the terrace that hosts your prize flowers. This is part of GPM’s exemplary approach, and it’s why our happy customers stay with us long term.

How to Get Started

Getting one of our professional landscapers to commence with the care of the plants and garden on your property is simple. Merely pick up the phone and talk to a member of the Gore Property Management team today at +44(0) 7542 806 880. Alternatively, you can contact us online, and we’ll quickly get in touch with you.

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