Smart property management in London

The “new normal” that we are adjusting to in our everyday lives leans heavily on the idea of rostered work patterns, staggered office start times, and working from home . This is a phenomenon that is taking place globally in the attempt to eradicate COVID-19.

One factor influencing the success of this idea is the continuous evolution of technology. A range of applications, such as Skype, Slack, and Zoom, are increasingly available to support remote working. (

Property management has been positively impacted by this investment, not solely for accounting and maintenance scheduling, but for the monitoring and protection of homes, especially vacant ones.

The variety of smart devices that have been created to assist in keeping an eye on the general wellbeing of the home include:

· Smart home security cameras and doorbell applications that link directly to your phone or computer, allowing you to watch exactly what is happening in and around the property.

· Smart leak detection devices can be placed under sinks, on floors, around air conditioning units to know precisely when maintenance is required to stop a leak, preventing hundreds and potentially thousands of pounds worth of damage.

· Remote temperature and humidity monitoring devices can be linked straight to a phone to provide updates if heating needs to be turned on oroff.

At Gore Property Management we have been lucky to be able to trial the use of these devices and it has shown to be a superb investment! We are able to monitor the environment in the home for vacant properties – ensuring plants are in and around the right temperatures for their survival. Additionally, it helps to keep an eye on the effectiveness of the air conditioning systems. These products can put the landlord’s mind at ease when their property is looked after via a managing agent.

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