Guardians in London, are they right for you?

Whilst you are inside your home, you tend to spot things that need completing or rectifying due to the fact you are looking at or using your home for a longer duration. So when you are going on holiday, or leaving for your other home, who is around to keep an eye on everything?

There are many companies that promote the use of so-called Guardians to look after the property but the question is do you want somebody, a stranger, living inside your property? Many clients feel uneasy thinking about this and therefore choose a company that can inspect at more frequent intervals.

At Gore, we are able to check your property as frequently or infrequently as you would like. We have checked properties weekly, monthly, even daily and our attention to detail is something we pride ourselves on.

Gore can be your Guardians. Who needs strangers in their home when a company trusted company can leave you feeling at ease.

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